Since signing the agreement on long-term partnership and becoming our distributor, YOU WILL:

Get ready-to-sell products
We produce, brand, pack and provide marketing strategy for each position.
Fill in new markets
of ever-increasing demand
We create innovative products with added health benefits.
Decide how much to earn.
Have confirmation of
the quality and exclusivity.
We are the developers and owners of scientific and production technologies.
Control the volume of
delivered products.
We ship any, even the largest quantities.
Speak directly with our company.
We provide support at any level and a quick response to market changes due to our decentralized management.
Expand your company
We provide every six months new ready-to-sell products.

But before that, YOU WILL Tell us what we get...

Because we always count on mutuality.

Distributors. To distributors:

Our company operates in one of the most highly technological and fast growing areas within the science of healthy ageing - peptide biotechnologies.

Thanks to a high efficacy, innovative products of our company based on peptide bioregulators, gain more and more interest amongst professionals from the medical field as well as amongst people who are looking to invest in their health.

Extensive experience in research and production together with a wide range of existing products, allow us to satisfy the needs of B2B and B2C markets anywhere in the world.

In our product portfolio we have cosmetic products, food supplements and functional foods, as well as substances and active ingredients for health industry.

By choosing to work with our company you can rest assured of such factors as high biological activity of active ingredients, top quality and safety of our products, advanced logistics and partner-oriented approach.

We provide a full scientific and marketing support for every product that we offer, which in turn helps our partners to extend their business to new markets whilst minimizing time and maximizing profits.

We invite to partner with us those companies, that share a vision of a big business potential in the field of unique and effective biotechnologies for the ever-growing demand.

Please do let us know if you are interested in becoming our distributor or scientific partner by contacting our corporate office at corp@nanopep.net or by filling in the following form. We shall get back to you shortly.


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