Agent of skin cell regeneration

22.01.2020, 05:12

The search for new safe and efficient low molecular weight substances stimulating skin regeneration is an important objective of cosmetology. The present study addressed the effects of the peptides LK and AEDG on the proliferation of organotypic tissue cultures of skin. The application of peptides enhanced fibroblast proliferation in skin cell cultures by 29–45%. These data reveal the potential of LK and AEDG as components of cosmetic products that restore the structure of aging skin.

Skin serves as a protective function and a border zone between the external environment and the interior of an organism. Consequently, skin is affected by various physical, mechanical, and chemical damaging factors that promote its aging. Skin involution is directly associated with dysfunction of dermal fibroblasts. Fibroblast degeneration (rigidity increase, hypertrophy, and decrease of functional activity) leads to disruption between the contact of cells and collagen of the extracellular matrix; therefore, the viscoelastic properties of skin collagen deteriorate.

It was shown that the polypeptide complex improves the functional state of the skin and its appearance. The data demonstrate enhancement of the functional activity of fibroblasts in aging skin via the short peptides Epitalon, and this can lay the foundations for the use of short peptides in cosmetology to correct age related changes in skin.

Peptide EPITALON® is capable of penetrating cell membranes and can therefore be used as components in creams to maintain the functional activity of skin cells in middle aged women and be introduced into deeper layers of the dermis as part of injection therapy.

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