Case study. Interaction of the AEDL peptide with DNA

25.12.2019, 05:11

In the cell culture experiments, the AEDL peptide proved to be an efficient agent stimulating the cell renewal processes and the enhancement of the functional activity of bronchial epithelial cells. A presumed target of the peptide action is a DNA molecule.

The work studies the peptide binding with high-molecular DNA in solutions with different ionic strengths.

The spectral (UV spectophotometery and circular dichroism) and hydrodynamic (viscosimetry) methods show that, under the experimental conditions, the AEDL peptide forms a complex with DNA and that nitrogen bases are involved in the binding.

The character of spectral changes in DNA suggests a possible interaction of the AEDL peptide with DNA in the major furrow at the guanine N7 site without a visible distortion of the double helix structure.

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