EPITALON® Spray – Control your own melatonin level

14.11.2019, 05:11

EPITALON® Spray – new generation of food supplements. Its complex of amino acids re-aligns internal body clock with the day-night cycle by physiological induction of synthesis of natural melatonin. Thereby normalizing level of melatonin, adjusting circadian rhythms, preventing jet lag and travel fatigue and reduces insomnia. It is safe, proven and scientifically based.

Active ingredient is EPITALON® peptide:

  • Epitalon – a signal molecule comprised of four amino acids – al-gl-as-gly (a tertapeptide).
  • First synthesised 20 years ago and patented in USA and Europe.
  • Molecule well known for its efficacy.
  • Hundreds of publications on pubmed.

Oral spray is specifically formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Tiny droplets absorb quickly in the mouth providing faster amino acid absorption than tablets. Amino acids are being delivered within a suitable natural emulsion ensuring an optimal droplet size and spray pattern. It is great for those with an active or busy lifestyle. No tablets, capsules or water required.

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