Harness the Power of Peptides: How They Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

Peptides are very important molecules because they perform key functions in biological processes. Their unique characteristics have been studied for several years as promising for innovative biotherapeutics.

Supplements short peptide-based are already available and are useful for regularizing multiple metabolic processes and improving the health of people with various diseases.

A short peptide therapy is based on the daily intake of specific products that contain not only peptide complexes but also important substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and bioregulators of natural origin, which improve the fitness of the body.

Short peptide supplements come in different forms, for example, tablets or nasal spray, and the therapeutic cycle normally has a 60-day, repeatable duration.

Short peptides target specific organs and functions in the body

Nanopep is at the forefront of the study and production of short peptide-based supplements, and the success of its products stems from years of research conducted by teams of specialized and experienced researchers and the availability of high-end manufacturing facilities that use the best and most innovative technologies to produce these powerful molecules.

Over time, Nanopep’s catalog has been enriched with more and more new and efficient supplements, useful for strengthening and improving the functions of various organs and metabolic processes, helping in carrying out preventive actions against various degenerative diseases and improving wellness in general.

One of the main characteristics of short peptides is their great ability to reach specific targets within cells to affect biological processes. Therefore, we can say that there are short peptide supplements that have specific targets and should be used for specific purposes.

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds repetitive non-coding DNA sequences, in the telomere regions,which are terminal regions of a chromosome associated with a variety of premature aging syndromes.

Studies from comparative telomere biology have indicated that telomere length correlates inversely, rather than directly, with lifespan.

Supplements short peptide-based enhance many vital body functions and improve wellness

Harness the Power of Peptides: How They Can Boost Your Health and WellnessEPITHALAMIN®, contained in the special formula of EPITIDE®, rich also in Selenium and Zinc, is a peptide of natural origin that can promote telomerase activation, prevent telomerase shortening and consequently produce a geroprotective and anti-ageing effect and contribute to increased longevity and life extension.

This supplement, by normalizing the body’s metabolic processes, can also help with weight loss, eliminating excess fat and improving appearance.

Daily intake of 2 capsules of the supplement NATURA SANAT women’s health formula® for a repeatable period of 60 days, provides for the natural regulation and improvement of ovarian function thanks to a special short peptide formula that, by promoting protein synthesis within ovarian cells, normalizes their function.

NATURA SANAT vision health formula® helps support, prolong and strengthen the healthy function of the visual system, alleviating the symptoms of people suffering from retinal changes or degenerative conditions of the visual system, including from work activities that fatigue or excessively disturb the eyes.

Harness the Power of Peptides: How They Can Boost Your Health and WellnessThe various components of the NATURA SANAT Thyroid Health® formula are helpful in stimulating and regulating the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, improving its regenerative capacity, reducing inflammatory processes which affect this important organ of our body, and improving its fitness.

The brain is one of the main organs in our body, and it is very important to keep it healthy. The rhythms of daily life can overstress the brain, compromising its regular functions, and this can be the cause of even very harmful disturbances. In addition, the passage of time can cause physiological decreases in brain performance and even the development of degenerative diseases.

In addition to peptides, STRESSFOLL® contains a whole range of vital ingredients that play an important role in healthy brain functioning. Stressfoll’s formula contains vitamins E, B3, B6, B1, trace elements and important elements for the brain such as Biotin, Selen, Cholina, useful for stimulating the central nervous system, counteracting mental and emotional stress, the loss memory and preventing related diseases age such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Manufactured: in Italy
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Manufactured: in Portugal
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NATURA SANAT women’s health formula
Dietary supplement
Manufactured: in Portugal
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NATURA SANAT vision health formula
Dietary supplement
Manufactured: in Portugal
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NATURA SANAT thyroid health formula
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Manufactured: in Italy
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