What Are Peptide Bioregulators, and How Do They Work?

About 40 years ago, Professor Vladimir Khavinson, now Director of the Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, initiated research on bioregulatory peptides.

What are bioregulators: bioregulators are substances that naturally occur in the body and play a regulatory role in various physiological processes. They are involved in maintaining balance, optimizing function, and promoting overall well-being. Bioregulators can include peptides, proteins, hormones, enzymes, and other molecules that have specific effects on different organs, tissues, and systems. The most common are bioregulators peptides.

His clinical and experimental studies demonstrated the importance of short peptides as bioregulatory molecules of a variety of fundamental biological processes.

Since then, short peptide-based therapy has become a reality; studies on the functions of these short chains of amino acids, which have great powers in regulating, normalizing and improving numerous metabolic processes, have had great development.

Short peptides can help you in many ways

Always new products based on short peptides are available and, although these compounds cannot be considered as medicines, they can effectively help relieve the symptoms of certain diseases, prevent the occurrence of pathological conditions, contribute to increasing people’s overall state of well-being and helping them have a better life.

One of the peculiarities of these biological compounds, made of short amino acid chains, is the great ease in permeating biological membranes, carrying information inside the cells and interacting with important molecules such as DNA and proteins.

Prof. Khavinson, in addition to studying the efficacy of short peptides for human health, have developed a technology for the production of biologically active complex peptide preparations from extracts of different tissues.

Do peptide bioregulators work? Peptide bioregulators have shown promising potential in various areas, but it is important to note that scientific research on their efficacy is still ongoing. Studies have suggested that peptide bioregulators may have positive effects on specific organs, systems, and physiological processes. They are believed to interact with cellular receptors, triggering beneficial responses that support optimal functioning and promote overall well-being.

Short peptides target specific body organs and biological processes

Epithalamin (of which the synthetic analogue, Epitalon) is the main active ingredient in the Nanopep EPITIDE® supplement. It is a short peptide which can increase the production of melatonin by the pineal gland, and improve the immunological parameters. It has been demonstrated how Epithalamin can eliminate imbalance in prooxidation and antioxidation systems, and therefore have geroprotective and antiaging effects.

Based on data on the amino acid composition of  peptide bioregulators, new principles have been developed for the design of short biologically active peptides endowed with tissue-specific activities.

Thymus-specific dipeptides and heart, liver, cerebral cortex, and pineal gland-specific tetrapeptides have been found to stimulate the in vitro growth of explants of the respective organs.

Epitalon reproduces the antiaging effects of Epithalamin, including those related to its geroprotective activity; it has also been shown to restore the circadian rhythms of melatonin and cortisol production, prolong the functional integrity of the retina and improve visual functions in patients with retinal pigment degeneration.

Nanopep is at the cutting edge of short peptide-based supplements

What Are Peptide Bioregulators, and How Do They Work?Based on these studies, Nanopep’s Research and Development department has developed an innovative class of efficient short peptides supplements, which can positively interact with many key biological processes.

Nanopep’s NATURA SANAT thyroid health formula®, which contains an ovary complex of seven different aminoacids and oligoelements such as Zinc, Iodine and Selenium, has powerful beneficial effect for the normalization of the functional state of the thyroid.

Ovary complex, Vitamin E and Folic acid, which are the components of NATURA SANAT women’s health formula® is useful for regulating and strengthening the delicate biological structures of the ovary, and its benefits include:

  • Maximize the women’s reproductive system health and reserves
  • Support the reproductive system during preparation for pregnancy
  • Participate in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and alleviates the unpleasant symptoms of menopause

To normalize the functional state of the retina, Nanopep’s R & D teams created NATURA SANAT vision health formula, a supplement that can bring positive effects on this key organ of human body, including:

  • Support  and prolong the healthy function of the visual system
  • Alleviate the symptoms of retinopathy of different genesis
  • Help the recovering from the visual system surgeries

AEDG (EPITALON®) and EDR (PINEALON) are two effective short peptides active in STRESSFOLL®, a specifically designed supplement useful for normalising the functional state of the brain. Stressfoll® also contains various vitamins, such as Thiamine (B1), Niacin (B3), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B8), Choline and Selenium. This product has a multiplicity of positive effects on our body, including:

  • Boost memory and concentration levels
  • Stimulate cognitive functions
  • Protect against various neurodegenerative diseases

All of these features of Stressfoll® promote the activation and normalization of brain reserves and produce a range of benefits to combat current diseases and prevent new ones.

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Bioregulators are substances that regulate various physiological processes in the body. Most of them represent specific chains of amino acids native to different tissues. They influence cellular activities and maintain homeostasis after they penetrate the cells.

Short peptides serve as bioregulators by influencing cellular functions, including metabolism. They can enhance metabolic processes and contribute to overall regulatory functions by integrating themselves into cellular metabolic organoids.

Short peptide therapy has shown promise in addressing certain diseases by interacting with biological membranes and molecules, influencing cellular behavior, and aiding in disease management. This is possible thanks to peptides’ ability to penetrate cellular membranes and influence cellular metabolic processes.

Research suggests that peptide bioregulators, like Epitide and Epitalon, can positively affect various physiological functions. These benefits include improved immune response and slowing down the aging process.

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