Boosting Male Reproductive Health: RESIFLEXIN®Plus and the Normalization of the Functional State of the Male Reproductive System

Human semen contains hundreds of millions of spermatozoa per millilitre, and only one of them will fertilise the egg.

It is easy to think that this high number is a guarantee of good functioning of the male reproductive system and successful fertilisation, but this is not the case.

In reality, sperm may be subject to many factors, which, independently from the spermatozoa count, can alter its biochemical composition and compromise its functional state.

This is why, after years of study and extensive research, we at Nanopep have developed the special RESIFLEXIN®Plus formula, which contains valuable and effective ingredients for boosting men’s reproductive health and for the normalization of the functional state of the male reproductive system.


Boosting Male Reproductive Health: RESIFLEXIN®Plus and the Normalization of the Functional State of the Male Reproductive System

Sperm production is a non-stop, complex and very delicate process

Sperm production is a continuous process that is as complex as it is delicate. At every stage, it can be affected by what is happening inside and outside the body, with effects ranging from stopping production to variable changes in sperm production.

What happens inside a man’s body is crucial, so much so that andrologists are finally pointing out that sperm quality correlates with general health. What happens outside the body is also very important, as environmental conditions at various levels directly or indirectly influence overall health and the ability of the testicles to produce healthy and effective sperm.

What causes male infertility?

There are multiple causes of male infertility, such as for example:

  • Endocrinological;
  • Genetic;
  • Congenital urogenital abnormalities;
  • Acquired urogenital abnormalities;
  • Immunological;
  • Infections of the urogenital tract;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Malignant tumours;
  • Medications or drugs;
  • Environmental toxins, smoking,
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol.

In addition, if the male reproductive system does not work properly, there can be negative effects on the offspring. These are related to:

  • The formation of genetic mutations that add up to a negative effect;
  • The organisation and reading of genes, i.e. epigenetic modifications that change the way genes, including normal ones, are expressed.

It has been shown many times that the epigenetic modifications of parents (sometimes grandparents) show their effect on children (sometimes grandchildren) when they become adolescents and then adults. As if to say that behaviours and conditions spill over into the next generation, even if they did not show signs of themselves before.

RESIFLEXIN®Plus is a high-quality food supplement for the prevention of disorders of the male reproductive system and for improving sexual performance

Recent studies have shown that about 50% of 18-19 year old male    Boosting Male Reproductive Health: RESIFLEXIN®Plus and the Normalization of the Functional State of the Male Reproductive System
adolescents have more or less severe reproductive disorders, which can have a negative impact on their reproductive capacity and sexual life. It is therefore very important to start preventing reproductive disorders at an early age, ideally around the age of 30.

RESIFLEXIN® Plus is a dietary supplement with three signal peptide bioregulators, KEDP, KEDG tetra-peptide and KE di-peptide (VILON®), which contribute to normalizing the functional status of the entire genitourinary system and increasing the duration of male youth.

The dietary supplement RESIFLEXIN® Plus is well-tolerated, causes no side effects and can be widely used to restore the functional status of the major reproductive organs by normalizing cell metabolism in the testicles and prostate cells.

RESIFLEXIN® Plus is recommended for everyone over the age of 35, especially those who suffer from chronic dysfunctions of the reproductive system and are subjected to difficult environmental factors.

RESIFLEXIN® Plus can be easily combined with other supplements and medicines, is one of the most effective products available for preventing premature ageing of the male reproductive system, enhancement of sexual performance, and is particularly recommended in the case of:

  • Low sperm count;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Erectile disfunction;
  • Infertility;
  • Psycho-emotional stress;

This powerful product can easily be integrated in the dietary routine: the recommended daily dose of RESIFLEXIN®Plus is 1 capsule per day, for 30 days, repetable after 6 months.

RESIFLEXIN®Plus should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, it is not suitable for children and adolescens and it is recommended not to exceed recommended dosages, unless medically indicated.

In addition to the potent effects of the peptides in RESIFLEXIN® Plus on the male reproductive system, extracts of Eruca sativa and Tribulum sativum help counteract the damaging action of free radicals, promote testicular function and have a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases and reduces oxidative stress as well as counteracting the formation of tumours.

The good functioning of the male reproductive apparatus is the result of the interaction between several key systems in the body

Having heart, respiratory and immune systems working properly is key not only for the general wellness of the body, but also for the male reproductive apparatus. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to keep these systems in good shape with specific supplements.

CRONOREX® spray contains the bioregulator KED, which activates the regeneration and restoration of cardiovascular tissue at the cellular level and which contributes to the normalization of the functional state of the cardiovascular system.

VILON®, with Peptide KE (VILON®) and the help of  Vitamin D enhances contributes to hormone balance and also strengthen and regenerate the thymus, a primary organ of the lymphatic system, which functions as an endocrine gland and plays a key role within the immune system.

ALVEFLEXIN® is a dietary supplement containing two bioregulatory short peptide complexes, useful for normalizing bronchial cell function by balancing any natural peptide deficiency and stimulating cellular protein synthesis, improving function and therefore lung health.

Nanopep cares about user safety

At Nanopep, we regularly collaborate with internationally renowned specialists to conduct clinical studies on our products in order not only to demonstrate their benefits, but also to ensure the highest level of safety for the user.

Nanopep’s strengths stem from the combination of advanced technologies, high-level scientific research and the expertise of our team. Our research centres are involved in all stages of innovative product development.

From the discovery and synthesis of peptide molecules to the realisation and testing of technologies in industrial production, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality to our users, to greatly improve their quality of life.

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