Product information:

  • Type: Dietary supplement
  • Action: Normalisation of immune system functioning
  • Form: Capsules (30)
  • Ingredient: Peptide KE (VILON®) and Vitamin D
  • Manufactured: in Italy
  • Registration: Certified in Italy
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Product description

VILON® is an innovative food supplement whose active ingredient is a short di-peptide of the same name. It has a profound beneficial effect on
the human body by efficiently supporting and regenerating the main organ of the immune system – the thymus. The functional activity of the thymus drastically decreases after puberty, which is associated with early involution of this organ.
Activation and normalization of thymus functioning leads to a cascade of positive effects that help to combat existing illnesses and protect from new ones.


Physiologically short peptides are active compounds that modulate various cellular and molecular processes in the thymus. Through significant research and experimental studies, it was discovered that VILON? is effective in addressing age-related and radiation-induced fading of the thymus function; immunopathological states caused by intensive physical exercise; stressful conditions; and other causes of immune deficiency.

Use of the food supplement VILON®, in addition to conventional therapy, accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration and the restoration of the body’s functions.

Recommended for:

• Immune system improvement;

• preventing premature ageing;

• stimulation of proliferation of the immune cells;

• promotion of tissue regeneration;

• reduction of inflammation;

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Pack: 30

Components Per 1 Capsule Daily Value %
Peptide KE (VILON?) 200 mcg – – – –
Of which:
L-Lysine 106,2 mcg
Glutamine 93,8 mcg
Vitamin D 5 mcg 100 %
– – – – Daily Value not established

How to apply:

1 capsule per day in the morning with the glass of water. Do not open or chew the capsule. Duration of course: 30 days. It is advisable to repeat the course after 4-6 months.

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