Peptide Skincare For Glowing Skin

Peptides are one of the current trendy skincare ingredients that prominent dermatologists agree can reverse the signs of ageing and promote youthfulness. However, many cosmetic companies make big claims about their peptide-induced products that aren’t exactly true.

If you’re having a hard time deciding the best skincare product for your skin, this article is for you. Here, we shed light on everything you need to know about peptides, including how they work and the best skincare products containing them to use.

How do peptides work on skin?

Before discussing what peptides do on the skin, it is important first to understand what they actually are. Peptides are naturally-occurring short biomolecule chains that consist of 2–4 amino acids. And Amino acids are wonderful things to have in your skincare product. They are the basic building block of proteins such as elastin and collagen that improves skin health.


Using peptides-based products can help reduce breakouts, increase skin firmness, tightness and elasticity. It may as well help achieve younger-looking skin. But how do these tiny molecules work? Although peptides are produced naturally in the body, there’s usually a shortage of them at some point. From age 30, the body loses 1% of stored collagen year after year. Also, the skin’s natural communication channels experience a decrease in efficiency, affecting signalling to release essential nutrients to areas of the skin that need it.


To reverse ageing or improve overall skin health, peptides (as signalling molecules) notifies the body of specific areas that require healing or repairs. For example, when a peptide-infused product is applied topically, the signalling peptide tricks the skin into believing that there’s an injury. In response, the body triggers the production of elastin, collagen, and other proteins, which boosts skin health.

How to choose a proper type of peptide in a cosmetic product?

There are hundreds of peptides; some perform functions that are more beneficial to the skin than others. For example, carrier peptides transport trace elements to boost collagen; enzyme-inhibitor peptides simply inhibit certain enzymes, while signalling peptides stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic, elastin, and other molecules that smooths wrinkles, fine lines and ultimately reverses ageing. Consequently, deciding which one will meet your skin needs can be a tad challenging.


To a large extent, the peptide in a cosmetic product is only as good as their production procedure. Khavison Peptides have proven to be some of the best peptides for cosmetic products and various other medical applications. They are based on a flexible technology platform fine-tuned by over 30 years of extensive experimental and clinical research. The unique process involves identifying highly potent and selective regulatory peptides, which are then manufactured in GMP-certified manufacturing plants.


Other factors worth considering include the product type and how it is used. Dr. Robison, a popular dermatologist, asserts opting for products that do not wash off easily. Products like eye creams, and moisturisers, unlike facial cleansers. In terms of use, she suggests applying the ideal cosmetic product (once found) twice a day.

Why do short peptides work the most efficiently on solving the skin ageing problems?

Although certain regular skincare products can help your skin glow and stay in good condition, there’s a limit to what they can do when it comes to solving skin-ageing problems. Short-peptide infused products such as the Ayori Skincare Face Cream work exceptionally well, and here’s why.


Peptides are much smaller in size compared to many other skincare ingredients. Consequently, they penetrate the skin’s outer layer and go deep down to the cellular level where they carry out their functions. For example, they stimulate skin cells, sending signals that bring about the release of collagen and elastin. They equally keep the skin hydrated, reduce inflammation.


When used correctly, short peptides can help make the skin firm, treat or prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and eliminate fine lines, bringing about a youthful look.

The best peptide-Infused skincare products in «Nanopep»? 

The best peptide-infused skincare products are those formulated with high-quality peptides in GMP-certified plants. Some of them include:

Ayori Skincare Face Cream

Most people who use this product find it challenging to go back to using anything else because it really works. It consists of four main peptides, which are safe and effective for daily use irrespective of skin type. They include KE (VILON®), KED, EPITALON®, and Peptides AED. The face cream provides a protective layer that keeps off destructive external elements and prevents active elements from evaporating from the skin’s surface. It also prevents the ageing of cellular structures, reverses wrinkles, and restores facial fat, promoting plumpness.


Using the Ayori Skincare Face Cream properly can help moisturise the skin, protect and restore its natural elasticity.

AYORI ® Skincare Miracle Serum

The Ayori Skincare Miracle Serum is a safe and highly effective cream based on the Khavison peptides peptide complex. It features plant extracts, bi- and tri-peptides that sink deep into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, restore cellular metabolism, and restore the skin’s proper functioning from the inside out. The Miracle Serum is one peptide-infused product seriously worth considering for anyone looking to fight untimely signs of ageing. Consistent and appropriate use of this product plumps the skin, making wrinkles and fine lines less visible.


The Ayori Skincare Miracle Serum can be used by anyone, as it is ideal for all skin types.

Pan Vilon

This is a regenerative cream that accelerates the renewal of skin cells by triggering the release of essential molecules that are responsible for natural regeneration. It features a natural hydrating ingredient, glycerin, which hydrates the skin, replenishes lost moisture; and allysine, which cells utilise during elastin and collagen production.


Pan Vilon can be used to accelerate the healing of household wounds, soothe redness and itching from allergies, and help the skin recover from burns. It is to be evenly spread and massaged gently into affected areas of the skin. Using this product correctly will help make your skin softer, smoother, and firmer.

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Manufactured: in Italy
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AYORI ® Skincare Face cream
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Manufactured: in Italy
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AYORI ® Skincare Miracle Serum
Miracle Serum
Manufactured: in Italy / Czech Republic
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