AYORI ® Skincare Face cream

Product information:

  • Type: Face cream
  • Action: Skin hydration and protection
  • Form: Jar 50 ml
  • Ingredient: Peptides AED, KE (VILON®), KED, EPITALON®
  • Manufactured: in Italy
  • Registration: Certified in EU (View certificate)
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Scientifically proven
Scientifically proven
GMP certified
GMP certified
100% safe to use
100% safe to use
Manufactured in the EU
Manufactured in the EU
Face cream AYORI ® Skincare Face cream
Buy Face cream AYORI ® Skincare Face cream
Price Face cream AYORI ® Skincare Face cream

Product description

The condition of the skin depends on metabolic processes. With age, as well as under the influence of unfavorable external factors, these processes slow down. The skin is actively losing moisture. KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® combination activates metabolism. The emollients in the composition – vegetable oils, increase its barrier function.

Targeted anti-aging peptide cream is indispensable for daily moisturizing, protection and skin care.

Action of the AYORI Face cream

AYORI skincare principle is built over the ability of peptides to affect cell function. Therefore, this cream:

  • normalizes the autoregulation of all skin systems
  • soothes and fill the skin’s lipid membranes with essential vitamins
  • restores the skin’s natural ability to balance moisture
  • supports the skin’s barrier functions, helping your skin become velvety, radiant, and healthy
  • delivers vital fatty acids to the skin
  • activates metabolism in the deep layers of the dermis
  • helps the skin to become more elastic
  • increases skin turgor
  • slows down the aging of cellular structures

The peptide bioregulators in skin care cosmetics are short chains of amino acids arranged in a specific sequence that have regulatory properties. Under their affection, the skin is being positively transformed, its appearance improves.

With this AYORI product, you can be confident that your skin will feel like you’re 20 again ‒ this is the power of bioregulator peptides!

Recommended for:

  • daily skin care of any type;
  • hydrating and protecting skin by maintaining water balance;
  • preventing evaporation of active elements from the skin’s surface
  • protecting the skin from destructive external elements
  • preventing the expansion of pores, bumps, and minor damage



KHAVINSON PEPTIDES® peptide bioregulator of collagen and elastin synthesis AED By activating the synthesis of elastin and collagen, the dermal framework is restored and strengthened, which is manifested by a pronounced lifting effect and an increase in skin turgor.
peptide bioregulator of fibroblast production VILON® (KE) The formation of fibroblasts contributes to the successful regeneration of the skin after microtraumas, inflammations.
vascular peptide bioregulator KED The elasticity of blood vessels increases and blood microcirculation improves, thereby activating metabolism.
peptide bioregulator that stabilizes cell structures EPITALON® (AEDG) AEDG acts as an active antioxidant, protecting skin cells from free radicals and preventing the aging process.
Sunflower seed oil (0.1%) helps protect the skin from external factors, moisturizes the skin Due to the high content of tocopherol, called the “vitamin of youth”, skin cells are saturated with oxygen, pigmentation decreases, moisture loss in the skin decreases, and regenerative abilities increase.
Sweet almond oil an active antioxidant, prevents the aging process of skin cells Polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) as the main component of the oil prevent the aging of cellular structures, soften the skin and maintain the moisture balance of the skin
Calendula extract (17.45%) anti-inflammatory agent Thanks to its flavonoid content, calendula extract reduces inflammation and soothes sensitive skin.

How to apply:

A little amount of the cream is applied in the morning and in the evening, evenly spread in a thin layer with light massage movements over the face and décolleté.

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    AYORI® Skincare Face cream has the perfect composition to ensure proper moisturization of the skin. With Khavinson peptides and vegetable oils, it enhances metabolic processes and holds moisture inside the skin.

    AYORI® Skincare Face cream contains no highly allergenic components and is recommended for daily skin care for every skin type. Also, the formula contains Calendula extract, which provides a great anti-inflammatory effect.

    It’s as easy to use as any other daily face cream! Simply apply a small amount of it in the thin layer to your face, and use light massaging movements to spread it evenly.

    Sure! We deliver with UPS and other delivery services to ensure you receive the product you’ve ordered. Make sure to enter your address information correctly, and if you have any questions regarding the delivery, feel free to ask them via any contact method displayed on the website.

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