What You Need to Know about Dietary Supplements​​​

Supplements are food product intended to supplement the common diet and constitute a concentrated source of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, in particular, but not exclusively, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fibres and extracts of plant origin, whether mono- or multi-compound, in pre-dosed forms. Food supplements are foods intended to supplement the diet. They are not prescription drugs and are not intended to treat or diagnose diseases.

Dietary supplements can help prevent disease

Prevention before reaching a chronic state should lead to a reduction in the number of people falling ill and needing treatment in the future. Nutrition, physical activity and attention to healthcare in general, make it possible to do primary prevention and promote active ageing, and where this is not enough, there is the possibility of safe and effective food supplementation. In this context, dietary supplementation can play a key role in primary prevention and as part of a healthy lifestyle, promoting health maintenance.

Dietary supplements are not medicine

What You Need to Know about Dietary Supplements​​​Although they are not medicine, in fact, food supplements can also give rise to side effects and may have various contraindications. For this reason, in cases of doubt and in the presence of diseases, disorders or special conditions (e.g. pregnancy and breastfeeding), consulting a doctor is indispensable.
There are many types of food supplements on the market, which normally contain, in varying concentrations and depending on their intended use, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, but also certain types of enzymes (e.g. bromelain), phytosterols, flavonoids, phospholipids, melatonin, phytoextracts of plants such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba and others.

Over the last few decades, thanks to the studies of Prof. Khavinson, a Russian researcher, director of the Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in St. Petersburg, a new and innovative series of products based on short peptides has emerged, which is becoming increasingly important in the field of food supplements.

Bioregolatory short peptides have many benefits

Studies on bioregulatory peptides have shown that short peptides have a high degree of effectiveness in counteracting and slowing down the progression of many body disorders by stimulating and activating various important functions, including:What You Need to Know about Dietary Supplements​​​

  • Improvement of the endocrine and immune systems
  • ​Normalization of metabolic processes in the body
  • Boosting the functionality of the cardiovascular system
  • ​Increasing the body’s protection against viruses, bacteria, toxins and cancer cells
  • ​Preventing viral diseases such as Covid 19 infection
  • Normalization of melatonin production
  • Promote the healing of diseases affecting the digestive system and liver, and improve their function after treatment with antibiotics and especially after damage caused by alcohol abuse
  • ​Rejuvenation at the cellular level
  • ​Regulate metabolic processes in brain cells and in the epiphysis
  • ​Increase the efficiency of the neuroendocrine system
  • ​Maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • ​Intervene on free radicals thanks to antioxidant properties
  • ​Promote the healing of diseases affecting the digestive system and liver, and improve their function after treatment with antibiotics and especially after damage caused by alcohol abuse

Food supplements based on short peptides are safe

The results obtained in the study and application of short peptides for human health are extraordinary. In addition to their efficacy in treating a wide variety of pathological conditions, short peptides have many other advantages have a high degree of safety, and negligible side effects.

Moreover, short peptides can be successfully used in cosmetics because, being very small substances, they are able to permeate, reaching the skin cells, and perform various functions such as stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, mimicking the effect of botox, boosting cell reproduction and other

Choosing the right manufacturer and distributor is key

Because the supplement market is so attractive, many have ventured into this field to try to profit from it, but not every company can offer cutting-edge products and excellent services. Nanopep is a manufacturer who relies on a production system that uses the best and most modern technologies and most sophisticated quality control systems. We also have an online sales support system that guarantees fast delivery of every product in the catalogue. The prices of our supplements are adapted to the needs of the consumer, and our company is proud to offer short peptide products at a favourable price and excellent quality.
On our site it is possible not only to obtain general information on short peptides and also on the history of research on these important molecules, but also to know in detail the characteristics of each single product, its use and function and to view tables containing information on the composition and amount of active ingredients. Our company provides fast and efficient delivery services of the purchased goods all over the world and we are always looking for new distributors who can make the quality of its products in every geographical area.

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