The Science behind Nanopep’s High-Quality Short Peptides: Exploring the Benefits for Health

The popularity of dietary supplements continues to grow. According to a survey by Food Supplements Europe, around 90 % of more than 13,000 respondents said they had taken a supplement in the previous 12 months.

It is precisely for this reason that it is important to rely on manufacturers who, using the best available production technologies, deliver supplements to the market based on the most efficient scientific innovations and with the highest degree of safety for the consumer.

For over 30 years, Nanopep has been researching and developing high-quality short peptide products, which have gained widespread consumer acceptance for their quality and safety features.

At Nanopep, we implement rigorous controls to ensure that our peptide supplements are as safe as possible, provide maximum benefit to users, and comply with current guidelines and have minimal or no side effects.

Peptides perform important biological functions

Peptides are short bioactive molecules, composed by chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds.

They have attracted considerable interest in the biomedical field precisely because of their characteristics, which make them key players in metabolic processes, and their great ability to regulate and normalize important biological functions.

Over the years, the power of peptides has been explored for a wide range of therapeutic applications in many fields, such as antimicrobial, antihypertensive, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory, and has attracted the attention of the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and dietary supplement industries.

Peptides have several advantages over small molecules used in conventional therapy, including unique ability to easily cross cell membranes, high selectivity, biotarget specificity, few side effects as well as a low tissue accumulation. Compared to proteins and antibodies, peptides have the benefit of lower immunogenicity as well.

The study of short peptides for biomedical purposes received a major boost The Science behind Nanopep’s High-Quality Short Peptides: Exploring the Benefits for Health
from the pioneering work of Prof. v. Kh. Khavinson, which began in 1973 and continued until 2014.

During this period Professor V. Kh. Khavinson and his team have extracted over 20 physiologically active peptide complexes from various organs, plus 17 more synthesized from amino acids, (di-, tri-, tetrapeptides), all covered by patents in many countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea, Israel, etc

One of these molecules studied by Prof Khavinson is Epithalamine, a short peptide obtained from the pineal gland, which provides many benefits, including the capacity of regulating endocrine functions.

Epithalamine is the model Nanopep’s used to create Epitalon, a synthetic peptide complex (AEGD) composed of four amino acids (alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid and glycine).

AEDG peptide can epigenetically regulate neuronal differentiation gene expression and protein synthesis in human cells and increases longevity in animals and decreases experimental cancerogenesis. AEDG peptide promotes the normalization the regions of the chromosomes that protects the end of the chromosome itself from deterioration and from fusion with neighboring chromosomes thus retaining its native structure.

Epithalon affects at molecular level the production of Melatonin and Cortisol, naturally produced hormones that regulate the sleep-wake cycle as well as one’s wel and physical condition.

How is the synthesis of short peptides carried out in the Nanopep laboratories?

The synthesis of short peptides is a very complex operation, although it always involves the formation of a type of bond, the amide bond, between the carboxyl group of one amino acid and the amine group of the next. The general basic reaction in peptide synthesis is therefore based on the coupling between two amino acids.

There are various technologies, both traditional and innovative, for the synthesis of short peptides, and all these approaches can be used exclusively or in combination, depending on the complexity and difficulty of the peptide preparation.

The chemical synthesis of peptides is well established, particularly the Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) technology, which was developed in the early 1960s and has since become one of the benchmark methods for peptide synthesis. SPPS technology had the great advantage of facilitating peptide synthesis by combining coupling and deprotection of amino acids in a single reactor, which led to the invention of automated peptide synthesizers.

In addition to chemical synthesis, peptides can be produced by various biological methods, including isolation of bioactive peptides from natural sources by extraction, enzymatic synthesis, fermentation, recombinant DNA technology and semi-synthesis.

In our laboratories, we test raw materials, in-process materials, finished products and manufacturing processes according to the latest regulations, to produce short peptide products of the highest quality purity and safety.

Purity in particular is something we monitor very carefully, and we apply critical quality measures in our manufacturing processes to minimise potential contamination.

To determine the purity of our peptides, we use the best high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) combined with analytical determinations by mass spectrometry (MS) to provide the correct information about the molecular mass/identity of the target peptide and any accompanying impurities.

In addition, our laboratories use a wide range of additional analytical methods for high-resolution verification of peptide composition and quantification of residual chemical and biological content, to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of purity and thus efficacy of our products.

The future for the use of peptides in nanotechnology biomedical applications is bright

Nanotechnology is a branch of applied science and technology that deals with the control of matter on a dimensional scale of the order of a nanometre, or a billionth of a metre. In biology, these systems are used to deliver drugs, proteins, vaccines and peptides.

Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are very important in activating a particular type of immune response, one that is present from birth and forms the first barrier against pathogens that come into contact with the body, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

The role of nanotechnology in the delivery of AMPs is still at an early stage of development, although the results obtained are very encouraging, and there are many opportunities in the near future as AMPs are increasingly studied and explored.

Cells, tissues, organs and systems of our body need the right support to ensure our wellness

Our body is a very complex system in which all parts work synergistically to provide us with an optimal state of health. If any one of the various organs that make up our body is compromised in its function, the entire system of our body suffers.

The different types of tissues and cells are assembled in such a way that they function as a whole, requiring different substances to perform their functions correctly.

This is true for a healthy organism, and even more so when our body is unable to normalize the biological processes it regulates due to illness or disease.

This is where dietary supplements come in: to restore the correct biochemical and physiological balance within the cells, tissues, organs and systems of our body, helping us to fight disease and prevent its eventual manifestation.

At Nanopep, we have developed a range of effective nutritional supplements based on short peptides that works at molecular scale both to prevent a wide range of diseases and function as therapeutic help to counteract their negative effects should they occur.

Telomeres are DNA protein-specific structures that are located at both ends of each chromosome. They help protecting the genome from nucleolytic degeneration, unneeded recombination, from repair sytems and from interchromosomal fusion. Telomeres thus play a key role in maintaining the proper information in our genome.

EPITHALAMIN®, contained in the special formula of EPITIDE®, is a peptide of natural origin that has many benefits. It boosts telomerase activation, prevens telomerase shortening, thus producing a geroprotective and anti-aging effect.

By normalising the body’s metabolic processes, EPITIDE® can also contribute to weight loss, elimination of excess fat and improved appearance. In addition, this high-quality supplement is able to stimulate protein synthesis in the pineal gland, and help normalizing the production of melatonin, a key substance in regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

The Science behind Nanopep’s High-Quality Short Peptides: Exploring the Benefits for Health NATURA SANAT women’s health formula is a food supplement that helps regulate and strengthen ovarian function through a specific complex of peptides,

NATURA SANAT women’s health formula supports and helps restore the healthy balance of the female reproductive system in pathological conditions and acts as a preventive treatment to maximise the health and reserves of the female reproductive system.

Furthermore, as it is able to increase the ovarian cell reserve by activating the immune function of the cells, NATURA SANAT women’s health formula is effective in promoting a longer reproductive cycle.

The retina is a very important organ, the part of the eye that receives and processes visual impulses and sends them along the optic nerve to the visual cortex,

Any damage to the retina can lead to reduced vision or even complete blindness. Exposure to sunlight, radiation, age and medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, unhealthy eating habits and smoking can all affect the health of the retina.

The special formula of NATURA SANAT Vision Health has been created with the aim of protecting and improving the function of the retina and is the result of years of extensive clinical and experimental research. Among the many benefits, this effective is able to

  • Prevent various eye and visual pathologies;
  • Regulate and maintain the metabolism of the retina, thus improving its well-being;
  • Prevent dry eye syndrome;
  • Normalise the healthy functions of the entire visual system;
  • Helping people suffering from ocular symptoms related to difficult working conditions (lasers, dust, excessive blue light).
  • Support recovery in case of operations on the visual system

We have in our body a small butterfly-shaped gland that plays a fundamental role in the control of multiple bodily functions (i.e body weight, cholesterol, heart rate, eyesight, muscle mass, menstrual cycle, mental status, skin and hair).

The thyroid gland, one of the most important endocrine (hormone-producing) glands, produces hormones, the most important of which are T3 and T4.

Thyroid hormones contribute fundamentally to energy expenditure, directly regulating the so-called basal metabolic rate. This parameter, measured in kilocalories or kilojoules, indicates the body’s energy output under resting conditions; the basal metabolic rate thus reflects the minimum amount of energy required to ensure basic life functions such as breathing, blood circulation and nervous system activity.

If anyone is experiencing

  • Weight fluctuations;
  • Physical and mental fatigue;
  • Muscle fatigue;
  • Restlessness and insomnia,
  • Irregular menstrual cycle;
  • Altered sensation of heat and cold;
  • Swelling of the neck.

This could mean that the thyroid gland is not functioning properly.

The high-quality ingredients of NATURA SANAT thyroid health formula support the proper functioning of this very important gland in our body. Its special formula boosts the biologically healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, independently of the initial pathogenesis.

NATURA SANAT thyroid health formula helps normalizing the vascular support for thyroid function and contributes to reduce local manifestations of inflammatory processes, while stimulating regenerative processes.

Among all the benefits, NATURA SANAT thyroid health formula accelerates the regeneration of thyroid activity and increases the reserve of thyroid cells, helping people with thyroid disorders or iodine deficiency.

The circadian rhythm is a kind of biological clock whose period is 24 hours. This means that along the 24-hour period, certain conditions in our body repeat periodically, every day. An example of a circadian rhythm is the sleep-wake rhythm, a periodic condition that repeats itself every day.

It is as if the human body has developed a kind of biological clock on the basis of which it secretes certain hormones and other substances that can influence both our physical capacities and our own sensations. The circadian rhythm is not the only ‘biological clock’ that has been highlighted. There are other rhythms whose period is weekly, monthly or even yearly.

The circadian clock is a complex endogenous system regulated by multiple factors and based on stimuli from outside. For example, the sleep-wake rhythm is regulated by the light and temperature of the environment (among other factors).

EPITALON® spray contains the peptide AEDG that affects the physiology of the epiphysis (pineal gland) by promoting its correct functioning and therefore stimulating the production of melatonin according to the body’s needs.

EPITALON® spray  promotes the proper functioning of the pineal gland and triggers the production of the required amount of melatonin and has a direct effect on the key enzyme involved in the sleep-wake rhythm by intensifying the synthesis of melatonin and increasing its concentration in the blood.

Using EPITALON® spray regularly allows to avoid the physiological decreases of this key hormone due to age. In fact, the production of melatonin increases from birth to adulthood, and then decreases as the body ages.

Nanopep’s supplements are user-friendly

There is nothing easier than using Nanopep dietary supplements. In the case of the chewable tablets, simply hold them in your mouth until they dissolve. The recommended daily dose is 1 tablet in the morning.  If capsules are taken, the dose to use is 1 capsule per day in the morning with a glass of water. For use as a spray, spray 2 or 3 times (depending on the product) under the tongue twice a day for 20 days.

The spray is specifically formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. While taking the spray peptides, tiny droplets absorb quickly in the mouth providing faster absorption than tablets. Amino acids are being delivered within a suitable natural emulsion ensuring an optimal droplet size and spray pattern.

As a rule, for all Nanopep’s products it is recommended to repeat the cycle every 4-6 months.


Nanopep products based on short peptides can be used by anyone. They are efficient, easy to take and safe. Technology offers us the possibility of using products that enable us to prevent ailments and diseases, support medical therapies and keep us in an excellent state of health. Why not take advantage of this?

Short peptides are natural substances in our bodies, selected during our biological evolution to help us survive by making the wonderful machine that is our body work at its best. Science has made it possible to discover them, and technology has made them available to us in the comfort of our own homes.

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