Bioregulatory Peptides are a novel class of medicine that hack our biology on the genetic level

Bioregulatory Peptides are a novel class of medicine that hack our biology on the genetic levelBioregulatory peptides are short chains of amino acids that are responsible for many fundamental biological functions. They intervene in the interactions between different proteins by conveying important and indispensable information for biological processes.

Over time, as a result of the peculiar characteristics of these short amino acid sequences, the interest of the scientific research world in short peptides has increased, particularly in the clinical and pharmaceutical field.

It has been discovered that short peptides are able to interact complementarily with the specific DNA binding site on the promoter segment of genes, facilitating the separation of double helix strands and the activation of RNA polymerase.

Evidence of the role of short peptides as activators of gene transcription reveals the natural mechanism of maintaining physiological functions in organisms, which rests on the complementary interaction between DNA and bioregulatory peptides.

What are the most important features of short peptides?

The highly selective nature of interactions with specific targets within cells and their conformational flexibility mean that short peptides represent important modulating factors of cellular processes of genetic origin.

Precisely because of their ability to significantly influence the dynamics of cellular processes, short peptides hold great promise as alternative biotherapeutic products.

Many scientific works have been carried out to better understand the clinical effects of short peptides, focusing on their unique faculties, such as:

  • Ability of crossing cellular membranes
  • Efficiency in reaching intracellular targets
  • Capacity to interact with DNA binding sites
  • Regulation of biochemical and physiological processes

Some authors found that long term treatment with short peptides can increase life expectancy from 20 to 40%, by slowing down the changes related to aging, and even suppress induced cancerogenesis in lab experiments.

What is Epitalon Spray?

A dietary supplement based on Epitalamine, EPITALON® is a short peptide of natural origin that is effective in counteracting disorders of endocrine regulatory systems and can restore normal health by acting on the neuroendocrine function of the brain and central nervous system.

Bioregulatory Peptides are a novel class of medicine that hack our biology on the genetic levelStudies have shown that EPITALON® product can have many positive effects on body and on health, due to its ability to:

  • Promote rejuvenation at the cellular level
  • Regulate metabolic processes in brain cells and also in the epiphysis
  • Increase the efficiency of the neuroendocrine system
  • Promote the body’s adaptation processes to extreme conditions
  • Regulate peroxide oxidation diffusivity in brain tissues
  • Maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • Intervene on free radicals thanks to antioxidant properties
  • Eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome.

The duration of the treatment with EPITALON® is one month. The recommended dose is one tablet per day. It is advisable to repeat the course after 4-6 months.

What is Epitide Oropeps?

EPITIDE® Oropeps is a dietary supplement that possesses highly effective anti-aging properties, proven by numerous studies that have shown that the special formula of EPITIDE® Oropeps allows this product to be one of the most effective geroprotective substances developed in recent decades.

These extensive studies, conducted by internationally renowned scientists, have shown how the natural peptide EPITHALAMIN®, together with the vitamins and minerals that make up the special formula of EPITIDE® Oropeps, produce the best results in controlling the aging process by acting as an epigenetic switch and triggering protein synthesis in the pineal gland.

This process restores pineal gland activity and can lead to numerous positive effects such as:

  • Normalization of melatonin production
  • Immune enhancement
  • Activation of telomerase.

Bioregulatory Peptides are a novel class of medicine that hack our biology on the genetic level

This last point is particularly important because telomerases are enzymes that play a key role in preventing senescence and cell death. These proteins affect the length of telomeres, which are the terminal regions of a chromosome composed of highly repeated DNA that protects the end of the chromosome itself from deterioration.

Telomere length is thought to be a biomarker for aging in human somatic cells.
In fact, by shortening with each cell division, telomeres act as veritable ” molecular clocks,” indicating the number of times the cell has divided.

EPITIDE® Oropeps complex, activating telomerases allows them to live longer, as they will in turn allow cells to continue dividing and proliferating, thus inhibiting premature aging.

The duration of the treatment with EPITIDE® Oropeps is one month. The recommended dose is one capsule per day. It is advisable to repeat the course after 4-6 months.

The bioregulatory peptides are powerful molecules offer many advantages

Many decades of studies on short peptides have shown that these small biological molecules can provide significant benefits in the treatment of diseases related to many pathological conditions.

In addition, short peptides have been shown to be very effective in counteracting and containing the advance of many disorders in the body, by means of stimulating and activating several important functions, included:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Enhancing brain faculties
  • Improving endocrine functions
  • Boosting the functionality of the cardiovascular system
  • Increasing bone density
  • Promoting the production of increased levels of nocturnal melatonin.

The results achieved in the study and application of short peptides for human health are extraordinary. In addition to their efficiency in treating a wide variety of pathological conditions, the short peptides have many other benefits, are very safe and have negligible side effects.

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